Matsushima gourmet, lunch, meal, inaniwa udon Taki, I leave home!
Play revival retreat in the shop, a flowing Jazz modern space.
Equipped with tables, private rooms, ample parking. In your family, of course, for a special date in the Matsushima recommended.


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Greetings from the owner

Fire of recovery raised the eldest son had looked at her 15 years of business!
The Japan Sankei Matsushima inaniwa udon is visiting! Again please!

3Good one

Noodles has teamed up with a jointly developed noodle factory to provide original aspects that have always been pursued through trial and error, such as the texture of the noodles and the shape of the noodles.

Noodles and we do not use broth and no chemical additives. We use only one soup every day, utilizing the material taste.

Such instruments adopted completely additive-free SOAP, are environmentally safe. Small children are relieved, you can taste like environmental pollution are pursuing do not harm human body and environment to contribute in the best.

Featured set

Taki, I notice from the House

Reservations & Inquiries
【Mon~Thu】11:00~15:00(Lunch open only)
【Saturdays, Sundays and holidays】11:00~15:00(It ends as soon as the soup runs out)
Closed / Friday


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